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Contest & Fieldday Activities Dear Visitor in this section of my Website I will try to give you a summary of my activities related to fielddays and the leading Contests in which I generally compete. My first Fieldday participation was in 1968 together with ON4IF and ON5MG. It was an exciting experiment, but after all we knew that we had to learn the hard way to rich to top. In 1972 we founded the " The Brussels DX Team " (BDX). The founder members were: ON4IF, George (†) ON5MG, Gerard (†) ON5GQ, Bernard ON5SQ, SV0XAE Jacky,(†) ON6GQ, Lillian (†) ONL 1924, Michel ON4GO in 1974 For the Fieldday we chose a good location in the Ardennes, a place named, ANLIERS.From that location we participated several years in the CW Fieldday and each year we competed under a different Call from a member. Every year that we participated we won the first place Trophy. I got the honor to get this Trophy in 1976. (From this first period I didn't find any photograph, all my souvenirs are on 8 mm film.) Later on we moved to an other location around the area of Vielsalm in 1985. Meanwhile some new members joined the BDX Fieldday Team ON5LF, Freddy ON7RN , Eric ON7ZB, Bruno ON5PV, Philippe etc....

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